A listener

IMG_20141113_224442The art of listening is one we take for granted. No, seriously.

So I want to make this post out to a few people who have listened to me with undivided attention when I speak pretending as though I deserve it when God knows I don’t!

Shwets, you have been my number one top listener in these past five years. We have had our differences and fall outs but heaven knows the moment we got back you gave me that ear of yours that listened like there was no other person alive on this planet!

Skates, you have listened to me in these past few years like, I know you are too precious for words! You have sat out patiently all the rubbish I have had to say and always told me at the days end that I am splendid. EXTRA point to you for that love!

Shruds, although we do not keep in touch every day of the year thank you for listening to me those couple of months when I am back home and no one, and I mean NO ONE else is there to hear me out. If it were not for you I would have gone CRAZY. Thankyou.

To all these few and all those of you who listen to me every single day, here is a moment to say I appreciate you! THANK YOU!


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