World Kindness Day

Fotor_141588955619386Happy World Kindness day everyone!

Over the past few weeks I have been urged to take a long hard glance and wonder, what exactly is kindness? Does it truly have the power to change lives as I hear it does?

The onset of this question thrust open my eyes to just look at the on goings of everything around, to stop, and observe the kindness constantly in motion around me every single day.

What I realized indeed blew me away.

There is kindness ALL AROUND us! We are a part of SUCH a beautiful world, remember that every day!

Kindness doesn’t need to be a massive conscious act, it could be the small things we do because our heart is inherently filled with goodness and it always gives.

I want to take some time out today to thank some people for the kindness they have exuberated towards me lately.

Thankyou, to my best friends, who never tell me a harsh word but always try to support and understand where I am coming from through my hard times.

Thankyou, to the kind waiter who complimented my scroll the other day.

Thankyou, to the auto drivers who don’t charge me extra in the rain.

Thankyou, to my sister, who despite all we have grown apart, still considered me important enough to be the first one to tell she wants to get married, and to make me her maid of honour.

Thankyou, to my dear friend who got us dinner and dropped us home the other day when it was past midnight.

Thankyou, to my friend who always calls me his inspiration no matter how flawed I am.

Thankyou, to my friend who doesn’t mind that I sometimes suck at long distance and is willing to accept me how I am.

Thankyou, you ALL YOU WONDERFUL people who read me and like my posts.

Thankyou, to an old classmate from school who told me how much she enjoys reading me.

Thankyou, my old classmate from college for taking the time out to talk to me last month and for acknowledging my presence on social media since.

Thankyou, to a million more people I haven’t mentioned here, but do know that I think of you and am very happy that you happened to me!

Let us make this a MASSIVE lifetime of kindness!


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