The best life lesson you could ever learn from a song

These guys NEVER fail to put a smile on my face! 😀

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You should trust this man You should trust this man

Truth is hard to come by but I’ve found some in a song. The song is focuses on friendship and explores the question “What makes a good friend?”

Some people have friends with benefits, others have friends with money. But if that sound appealing to you, I’m sorry to say that you are wrong. Chasing after these fancy friends is misguided.

It’s obvious that you need to hear the best song lyrics that you ever could hear. Let me quote some at you:

I sat beside a man from Hollywood, California on a plane
He said he had rich and famous friends, yeah he liked droppin’ names
I said, “Well, howdy do, that’s good for you, I dig a lot of those actors
But son you ain’t got a thing on me, see I got friends with tractors”

This is the first verse of Rodney…

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