Everything and Life


I don’t want to be that girl, but I know I am. For once, I am deeply aware of the fact that I am, or I could be, I would be.

I want to call you, but I know I cannot. I want to tell you how I miss you, your jokes, your raspy voice, your funny nose, I miss you.

But I can’t.

Of course I can’t.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had to say goodbye to you for whatever reason. It’s the millionth. I should be used to this by now. Though I know now that you care. That changes the whole game.

I have given up on so many people as the years pierced me by, and each time it has been only a constant beckoning to the call of you-weren’t-that-great’s. You were a game changer.

You came back for me. I was wrong about you…

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