Thanksgiving Notes 2014

Hello you wonderfully perfect bunch of beautiful people!

Today, I found this.


What is this? This is a bunch of notes that my best friends got EVERY SINGLE PERSON who I share a bond with in the whole city to write me for my twentieth birthday. Ironically, I thought that that birthday was the worst of my life and yet here I am reading this today and feeling more love and affection than I have in a VERY long time.

These notes are dowsed in warmth and camaraderie and I cannot get ENOUGH of reading them!

On this thanksgiving day, I have been both still and busy, I have found myself both loved and lonely, I have wandered around grasping at moments so acutely reminiscent of the person I am and sat amidst a million words feeling more confused than I dare admit. It’s been a ride, I must say!

I’m grateful though. I am grateful that this day was given to me along with the million others that have gone by in my precious life. I am reminded of that quote that turns up everywhere that goes if you think some days are not that important, try missing one!

Happy thanksgiving you’ll!

There is always an incredible life to be thankful for.


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