After a week spent glued to my laptop screen, today I finally completed my marathon of Pretty Little Liars. Aside from completely shattering me into a bunch of nerves throughout the day, it has actually got me to thinking about something. Secrets.

We all keep secrets, I think it’s almost a necessity for survival. I would ideally say don’t hide anything really toxic but the truth is those are the ones we hide, aren’t they?

I have secrets. Some more haunting than the others. What if I didn’t have them? I got to thinking, what if I had nothing to hide from anyone, how different would my life be? How different would people see me? Does keeping secrets, big secrets, mean that I’m living a lie, or that certain relations aren’t real at all? Just how damning is one secret?

Funny thing, typing those words out I realized that I knew the answers to all those questions. My life would be very different if a torch was shone into every dark corner. Is that an okay thing?

I don’t know.


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