My Top Six Cozy Night Must Haves!

Have I told you that winter is my new favourite season? After a life of swearing myself to summer, this year I realized that I like winter better, a girl’s prerogative.

Funnily enough, what I like about winter isn’t the cold, but is the act of warming myself up on a cold winter night. You know, you only miss the sun when it starts to snow, well passenger knows.

Here are my top six favourite things that thaw out my frozen bones and cradle me on a cold winters night.

  1. This one’s pretty conventional and I’m sure we all have some form of it on our cold winters night lists, a steaming mug of coffee/tea/cocoa. I tend to not be picky about which of the following I get, I know, I am a bit odd that way.44e80610ee9cf9f3a178ebbd507fd27d
  2. A massively comfortable bed to fall into and crisp plush covers that coalesces to form my second skin. Oh boy that’s about as good as it gets! ash_1024x1024(Bedding from Parachute Home, head on over to their website to check out their opulent bedding collection!)
  3. I love reading old letters from friends. It’s a pity that letter writing is such a dwindling form of communication, an email or inbox could never knock over the icy siege that beholds me on such nights. Letters are magical, they warm you from the inside out!
  4. A fast, fun and pulsing read. I like a lot of different kinds of books I do, but there is simply something about a quick, easy and enjoyable read that gets the blood a racing.
  5. A fiery conversation. This has to top the list to be honest, don’t be fooled by its placement! The memory of a vivacious conversation lingers, and it’s touch gives strength to those brittle parts of yours that the ghost of winter seems to have tapped into.
  6. I’ll just leave you with this.cc5fe7858f5e3987273e768b4700fc00

That is my go to list that gets me through my new favourite season, what are some of the things on yours?


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