The texts we exchanged tonight

Everything and Life


Life used to be funny. No, not a small little giggle or a sardonic smirk now and again but real in your face ballistic flamboyant humour. It was filled with moments that had you literally ROFLing. I used to hold on hard when the laughing spurts began because I knew that my whole system was in for one good ride. My stomach hurt, breathing became hard and sometimes even tears found a way to flow into the picture. Laughter was then a thing that not only shook my insides but something that carved out TIMELESS memories.

I have a best friend, practically my oldest friend to date, with whom I faithfully go on a merry trip down memory lane every few months a year. We think of all the silly but frekin’ funny things we have done, been a part of and witnessed in action. Needless to say till date…

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