Things I have learnt in 2014

  1. Don’t write people off because you think you’ve lost your last shot with them, you never know.
  2. Closure is a very important thing, give it to those you once loved.
  3. If you think the time isn’t right, it’s okay, you don’t have to be fearless.
  4. There is always a happier tomorrow.
  5. You don’t need to constantly explain yourself to the world.
  6. Respect yourself. Have some pride.
  7. Believe in yourself, believe you can accomplish ridiculous heights even when no one else seems to see a way.
  8. Have at least one friend who can truly see the best in you.
  9. Talk about your life, it is important. If no one cares, keep a journal, or a blog, or talk about it in parts to different people. Keep your life alive.
  10. Listen without giving a lot of feedback. That is what people need more often than naught.
  11. Alchohol and drugs are poison.
  12. It is okay to be confused about religion.
  13. If those who have hurt you want a second chance, they will fight for it. DO NOT go offering it up on a silver platter.
  14. Take NOTHING and NO ONE for granted.
  15. Gratitude is EVERTHING.
  16. Celebrations bring people closer together, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, great contracts, engagements, everything!
  17. Re-watch the shows you love until you know the dialogues by heart. They could become the words of your life.
  18. Take on a challenge every once in a while, we could all use a sense of accomplishment.
  19. The sense of smell is seriously underrated. Surround yourselves constantly with scents that carry you to a good place.
  20. The best thing you can do when you spot a white hair, is focus on all the brown (or black, or blonde or red) ones.
  21. The best thing you can to when your face is covered in pimples, is nothing.
  22. The best thing you can do about stretch marks, is nothing.
  23. Write LOTS of letters.
  24. Keep a jar and fill it with descriptive accounts of your good times during the year (Thankyou Sonia!).
  25. Make wish lists for your birthdays, help your friends out a bit.
  26. If you have some money to spare, donate it for a cause you care about.
  27. Cooking isn’t all that hard, it isn’t all that easy either.
  28. I am not a good cook.
  29. Most of us dream of writing a book, why not start today?
  30. Spend a lot of time with yourself.
  31. Find the right kind of people for you, and be around them as much as you can.
  32. Wish people happy birthday, even if it is on facebook.
  33. We all have things we are ashamed about, forgive yourself for it.
  34. There will always be people who don’t like you, humour them.
  35. Sometimes you wake up and realize you are no longer the same person you were for a long time, embrace who you are today.
  36. Say I love you to those you love (I am still trying to get used to this).
  37. Spend time outdoors, it feeds your soul in ways you wouldn’t believe.
  38. Be kind.
  39. Take time to support those you love on their journeys.
  40. If you have the facilities, draw yourself a warm bath every once in a while, feel the troubles leave your being.
  41. Sit under the lights, the moon light, fairy lights, Christmas lights, candle lights, and let yourself be.
  42. Smell the roses, no, literally. Smell a rose whenever you see one, it will make you a little happier.
  43. LET GO of what never worked out and look at the plethora of possibilities ahead of you.
  44. You don’t have to force yourself to feel what you don’t.
  45. No two people’s journey are alike, live and let live.
  46. Good memories are everything. Bad memories are something.
  47. People expect a lot of things from some of us, people expect nothing from some of us, don’t fall prey to either.
  48. It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Yes, I actually believe that phrase.
  49. There is nothing, NOTHING like the feeling of being in love.
  50. A LOT of things in life aren’t forever, but don’t be afraid to love them all the same.
  51. Despite all the evil that happens around us every day, I still believe in the good in this world.72e489719a2db0ddfc4e59060fc68435

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