You, my love, have been good to me.

Hello sweet reader,

This is my final post of the year, so I must let you know, there will be some length.

It has been a transforming year.

The one thing that stood out for me about 2014 is how QUICKLY it zapped me by. I can just TOUCH the beginning if I reach my arm out, I swear it! Oh well, there is no need for such arm stretching action now.

My year began very differently than it is ending. When the cell phone struck twelve, I was dancing with someone who is no longer a part of my life. There are some people whom you miss every single day because things couldn’t work out with them, there are some people whose existence you could care less about and then there are people you are thankful every day are no longer a part of your life. My New Year’s Eve pal fell into the final box. And that box fell right through the second month of the year.

So I suppose it’s safe to say that that ‘beginning your year how you hope to end it’ shebang is all a truck load of phooey.

This year, I will always remember for two things, the year that is ending with every single relation I want in my life in place and the year I woke up one day and realized that ‘the best of me’ I was discovering through high school and college is no longer a part of me, and my new best is yet to be defined. I know it will be fabulous so I am not worried! 😀

I know that the year saw a lot of rants and complains here and you my sweet were so kind to take it all, but viewing everything from a distance I have to admit it was a DAMN FINE year!

There was a lot of pain, fear and uncertainty, I have to confess. There was an insane amount of change, both internally and externally. There were people I wish I had never met, but I won’t remember this year for that. Correction, I CAN’T remember this year for that because there were things that people said and did that will always gold stamp this one.

2014, the year he told me sorry, and all the pain was washed away. The year I heard his voice, and unlike his texts they had emotion. The year she said she loves me again. The year they said they would have me back again. The year I shared a little of my deepest scar with someone, and she understood. The year he told me he said a prayer for me and I knew he cared. The year we held hands, for the first and probably last time. The year we held hands, here’s to hoping for more to come. The year I fell in love, and I believed it could happen again. The year we spoke again, and he made me laugh again. The year they sang for me. The year I told them I was ill, and they asked after me, a lot. The year they all saw me different, but loved me all the same. The year we got along and learnt to just be in our love for each other. The year we reconnected again, over a cause bigger and greater than we could ever imagine, the year we made it happen. The year we travelled together, our first baby step, and now look at you go!

The year of giving myself to the stars, finding the magic of gratitude, midnight drives in search of food, 3 am drives to the airport addled with haziness of sleep and the mirth of being surrounded by those you love, understanding the value of kindness, watching a TON of phenomenal as well as asinine movies, connecting with some very like-minded people, setting up a brand new Christmas tree after twenty years, bigger and merrier, finding powerful blogs that speak to my very soul, learning to cook a lot of very random things, the sister’s decision to get married, finally visiting the grandmothers home and finding bits of my thoughts and dreams entrapped in it, the year of pretty little liars, of superwoman, of voice notes, of scented candles, of poinsettias and bougainvilleas, of poetry and of truth, of moving on, of evolving, of serenity, of inner peace *insert master Shifu’s voice of course*.

Aw shucks, it’s been an incredible year and you all have been a part of so much of it with me, oh yeas, this has also been my first complete year of blogging! 😀

Thankyou to each and every one of you who read me, I am so so grateful to you and humbled that you would invest your time in my words. YOU mean the WORLD to me!

So as we adorn ourselves in our finest and celebrate the heralding of yet another year in our separate ways, I wish us each the best of 2015!

YOU, my sweet, DESERVE the WORLD!




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