The L word.

Hello in 2015 my lovelies!

How is this fine new year treating you? I come baring a very simple message this fine year.

So I’ve been thinking and I realized that one of the only things in this world that I believe is truly NOT overrated is love because at the end of the day the most important thing in a life is love.

Not travel, not success, not great looks. Love.

Love is the only thing that really really matters.

To love and to be loved in return is the most satisfying feeling in this world. It is the only thing that can fill that space in your heart that you need filled to feel complete.

Why aren’t we all fluttering around like butterflies everyday then, because I am certain we all have at least a few people who truly love us? The answer is simple, although we know we are loved, we don’t remember just how much every day.

Today I remember a conversation I had with an old friend a year ago. He had been out of station for a little over a month and upon his return back to the city he told me that he was very disappointed that not one of the people he considered his friends even asked him where he was in that month. He told me he wasn’t even sure if he had any friends who loved him. I’m sure he did, he just didn’t know.

We go through each day just not being told that we are loved, really really loved, and that we really matter. We take it for granted that those so close to us just know that we are an integral part of their lives and they love us. Sure, we mostly do know that as a generic fact but are we aware, acutely, precisely, overwhelmingly aware every day how much of a difference we are making by simply being a part of someone’s life? Are we aware, every day when we wake up, that there is a whole bunch of people out there assuming we have woken up and are well and happy? Are we aware, as we waddle through our days, that there are people who think we are so wonderful they could probably write a book about us?

No, I don’t think we are. It isn’t until it is someone’s birthday or a special occasion that we take the time out to let them know. While I am a firm believer of making people feel important on special occasions, I also believe that it is crucial to make people feel important every single day of their life. Let them know that they matter, not because they don’t know but because they need to remember it every day.

I don’t have many friends who tell me I love you on a regular basis. They generally only bring in the l factor when I’m having a messed up day or vice versa, or of course, the birthday. I get that though, because I am exactly the same as them. I think it gets mundane if I do it every day. On the contrary, it wasn’t until very recently that I realized it is exactly the opposite. It becomes the voice in your head, the I love yous and you mean the world to mes. It becomes the rhythm in your pace, the confidence in your breathing. It becomes the fluttering in your heart.

Who’s to say that your heart can only but flutter on occasion? It should flutter every day, just like them butterflies, they aren’t fully alive until they flutter with the wind in their wings.

So I say this new year we take the time out, often, for no seemingly apparent reason, to tell the ones we love that we love them, with all our hearts.



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