The most pressing habit

I believe that as humans this is the most important habit we should be having. Not stalking people on facebook, not brushing your teeth, not talking to your monkey stuffed toy because he understands it all, nop, none of those.

The most important thing we need to be doing as humans is keeping a journal.


I know I know I have done one long post about this sometime last year but I simply cannot help myself from saying it again. KEEP A JOURNAL.

Your thoughts, your actions, your feelings, your life. Record it.

You won’t realize the small things that you say that could later seem to make the world of a difference. A journal is trapping parts of yourself in a time that is quickly wheeling by. A journal is proof that you often were so clever, and often so foolish. That you sometimes were so wise to avoid things, and sometimes not quite. A journal is changed parts of you that you swore could never, would never change. A journal is your life recorded in your words. A journal is a window to your past created by yourself.

I oftentimes find it so funny that how I see certain relations, certain people, certain memories are so different from the way many others see it. In fact, it is mostly more different than it is alike. In your mind’s eye when you see people thinking of things (because you all do this and I am not the only freak right?), you imagine they see it a certain way, they see things a certain way, remember things a certain way, which is of course the way you remember it. I realized the discrepancies between the two many, many years ago. Even so, each time someone tells me something that I realize I think of so differently, I still don’t fail to be a tiny bit shocked.

This is when your journal comes into play. Here is someone who remembers things exactly the way you remember it, which is why you will enjoy reading your journal more than reading any book in the history of this world. You can relate to each word, not only because it happened to you, but because it is your exact perception of what happened. It is, dare I say it, your truth of truths.


There is something odd about reading a journal from nearly a decade ago, or even from a year ago. You don’t remember so much of it, but you KNOW that in your mind you remember all of it. It is like taking a tram ride into crannies of your mind where you let lay little bits of thoughts and information that you thought were not important, and when you ride down that path, you realize how very important it was, all of it.

Keep a journal, because you deserve to know that you matter.


P.S. This is the only thing I have ever posted twice about so you KNOW I mean business with this!


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