Dear Teenager

Dear teenager,

I’m writing this to you today because these are things I wish someone would have told me when I needed to hear it.

I am not much older than you are, and I won’t pretend to be much wiser. All I have to accredit myself with is the fact that I completed my teen ages, and somehow made it out alive and half sane.

They associate the teen ages to a lot of things, rebellion, drama, sense of entitlement, puberty, the list is quite large and frankly, very boring.

While some of these things may happen to you during your years as a teen ager, what I think is most incredible is your life as seen by your mind at this age.

Your life has just expanded with people, places, experiences and emotions that you are feeling for the first time. You have no set patterns of thinking about or going about all of this, it is time to create.

This, my sweet friend, is the only time in life you will be able to catch age old experiences and define it to your liking, the only time you will be able to christen feelings, the only time when your universe will be the universe and you will be inexorably in control of the way it spins (out of control).

Why is this important, you may wonder?

I’ve often heard it said that teenagers make a deal out of every small thing and act in totally irrational ways, that their minds work on a very narrow perspective and there is so much that they don’t know or understand yet.

I’d say that’s a truckload of BS right there.

Sure, there are things a teenager wouldn’t know, just as there are things a person at any given stage of life wouldn’t know without growing older. However, I believe that a teenagers mind is one of the most fertile, creative, honest and noble creations there ever was.

So, I am here today to tell you that what you feel, is real. They may say that it is fleeting and one day you will laugh at most of it and you know what, you just may. However, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t real, that how you feel right now in this moment isn’t all there ever will be of that feeling.

Give people chances, cause you can never give chances the way you will and as often as you will when you are a teenager. You will forge great friendships and meaningful bonds.


If you fall in love, let yourself. Love will always feel the same, no matter what they say. Understand the most you can of it as early as you can and you will spare yourself a lot of time and trouble in the years to come.


Dream BIG. I’m talking CELEBRITY big, I’m saying OUTER SPACE big, I mean HISTORICAL big. Aim for the universe, because it already exists within you so you know you’ll never fail. If your dreams change along the way, remember that’s OKAY. Promise yourself that you won’t ever be afraid to believe in yourself. Promise yourself that you won’t ever be frightened by the power of your dreams, the power of you.


Set your intentions. It doesn’t matter how you will accomplish it, ask yourself what you really want from life and believe that you will accomplish it.


The most important thing I would say to you is to remember. Remember what it feels like to be you today, remember the good, remember the bad. Remember the people you meet and the places you go to, the experiences you’ve had and the feelings you’ve had. Most of all, remember the thoughts in your precious mind. Remember how you perceive this world, how you see people, what you think of relations, why you want to achieve things, remember. Remember because one day when you get where you are you will want to know what was the stepping stone that got you there and your teenage self should know, so remember.


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