I don’t know if any of you know this, but the first post I ever did on this blog was about choices.

Today, after twenty one long months, I have decided that indeed choices was the absolute best topic I could have begun to blog about.

Life is a series of choices, yeah, yeah, we all know that now, don’t we? What we don’t realize on the contrary is that life also CAN BE a series of choices.

I mean, you have an option to take your pick. It’s one of those tricky endlessly spiralling things really, the bottom line of which is you can always make a choice.

Yesterday I realized that this universe was filled with limitless possibilities, endless choices, a ginormous amount of alternatives are present for anything, and when I say anything I mean, ANY FREKIN’ THING, in this world.

All you need to realize is that it is present, and that you simply need to push yourself to expand the frontiers of your mind a little.

So I return once more to our topic at hand, choices.

Every single day we make choices. Choices to perceive the world a certain way, choices to be certain things, choices to do certain things, choices to like and accept certain people and dislike certain others, we make choices about how we want our life to be, and you SHOULD be making these choices. I wanna tell you today that you have the right to make these choices, you have the right to choose for yourself what you want without feeling any bit of guilt.

You can sometimes, every once in a while, take the decision to make a choice that could change a little bit of your world forever, don’t be flummoxed by these choices you find yourself making, accept them because the universe is constantly expanding and so it must, even within us.


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