Photos of the week – 52

IMG_20141218_162201 IMG_20141218_164310 IMG_20141228_162521 IMG_20141231_165228 IMG_20141231_165525 IMG_20150101_161541 IMG_20150101_161715-1 IMG_20150101_162033 (1) IMG_20150101_162202 (1) IMG_20150102_160203-1 IMG_20150102_171419I cannot believe how transcendent this winter has been. It has been reviving, to say the very LEAST. I couldn’t have fallen more in love with this beautiful country or with life itself than I did these past months, but I will always remember this winter as the winter I fell inexorably in love with myself.

Every hue was a hue of beauty, of passion, of excitement, of discovery, of love, of gratitude, of unadulterated joy.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.


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