The best friend you forgot you had

587d16f6f957d70dbc96108d61d124bfToday I will deem one of my FAVORITE days of the past few years. Let me tell you why.

Life is a funny, FUNNY thing I will tell you because sometimes amidst the chaotic whirlwind we are driven into each day, we leave behind some of the best parts of ourselves.

Yours truly must confess to be guilty.

You all hear about the wonderful people in my life ever so often, friends, best friends, soul sisters, I rave about them all oft and again. You know them. I know them.

What I didn’t realize is that I could wake up one fine morning and open my very blinded eyes to remember that there was someone, someone AS precious as the people in my everyday life today, who was a part of my every day life five years ago.

The best part is, I still had her!

We didn’t fall out or phase out or grow up too much for each other, we simply lost touch.

It’s like waking up one fine day and realizing you have one extra best friend, just as best, just as friend. How frekin’ phenomenal is that?!

It was my lovely lady’s birthday today and I reached out to wish her happy birthday, and then some!

While I was writing my first message to her in years I realized what a truly wonderful friendship we had, and I actually just FORGOT that. When new names and faces flooded in, some of them just fell over one of the old ones, one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL ones. I thought I found my truest friends in the past few years, but I forgot that there was someone before ALL of them who probably loved me more fiercely than most of them put together and began being a true friend to me at an age where you can’t even fathom what a true friend is!

We got to talking for an hour and it was the most inexplicable feeling in this whole wide world! I had reconnected with someone who I swore for years was the other half of me, and well, she still pretty much was!

I am sorry my sweet reader, I am in awe and in shock all at once because baby, sometimes life can just be SO GOOD to you!


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