So, You Think I’m A Monster

Couldn’t have said it better myself. For all those tattered relations after which we turn each other into monsters in our minds eye.


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When people break up, grow apart or lose each other, they have to find a way to keep going. They have to make it acceptable to live without someone they thought they couldn’t live without. They have to turn people into monsters in their mind. They make their hearts cold to that person, because if they don’t, it doesn’t make sense. If they don’t, it hurts. It causes doubt, and doubt is poisonous to strength.

So, you think I’m a monster. You took the things that you loved about me, and turned them into ugly, horrible traits. You turned them into reminders of why we couldn’t work. You turned them into reminders of why you’re supposed to hate me. You turned them into reasons life is better without me, and that it’s supposed to be that way. Because we lost each other for a reason. Right? Because this is what’s…

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