Love Note

I’m certain that all of us who blog have moments where we sit back and wonder, is there really any point to the things we say that we put out there? Are enough people reading it for me to continue doing what I do? Am I better off just leaving this right here and proceeding with all the two million other things on my to-accomplish list?

I’ve had my fair share of those too, infact every single time I go through a phase where there is so much clutter in my life that I cannot find the space in my mind to process thoughts I think these same cycle of thoughts all over again. Do I continue or do I just let go?

This post is dedicated to all my 282 followers, and those few others who I know read the senseless things I have to say every now and again. Have I told you lately that I love you?

This week I met the one of the two human beings who was responsible for inspiring me to begin blogging. We weren’t close friends, you could barely pass us off for friends, but two years ago in one of our occasional exchanges on facebook he suggested I begin a blog. So I did.

It was literally one of those instances in life where you sit back and have a JUST WHY THE HELL NOT moment.

He was one of those people who was there, cheering me on in the background through the past two years to go do everything I have wanted to do and be everything I thought I could be, but never really coming to the forefront. I didn’t know what to expect when we were to meet.

I guess if there is one thing this week has taught me it is that people’s phenomenal nature WILL translate.

Amongst our three meetings and million and twenty five things that we talked about, you lovelies popped up. He asked me how our relation was going and I told him that mine was probably one of the slowest blogs on wordpress, there was something else that I realized in that moment. It was how committed I was to you wonderfuls. I told him that my two hundred and somethings are my life, and if even just for one of you each day, I will continue to write.

Do you know how dearly and deeply crazy I am about each of you? YOU. Yes you, and YOU, and YOU. YOU MATTER TO ME. I matter to myself only because of you, like I always say you and you alone are what I call my better half.

I know I haven’t been blogging much for the past couple of weeks but I want to send this one out to ALL of you, who have been here from the start or just a few hours, to all of you who still check back every day even when I don’t write, to all of you who take time to like and comment on my posts, to all of you who carry back even a smidgen of hope from my words, thankyou. I truly mean it when I say that knowing you exist is my redemption. I love you.

My posting schedule may be a little haywire for the next few weeks as well so do bear with me, but I promise to give it my all because you are the only thing worth it!




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