The family you find


It isn’t everyday that you walk down the road and find souls who you deem family. Well, there are some days it happens.
For me, it all happened on a few days five years ago. I met the most beautiful, crazy, passionate, lunatic, strong bunch of lovers whom I have the privilidge to call my best friends today.
This one is for you guys, cause you’ve really held it down for me this past week, and because you are my gratitude today in an otherwise quickly drying up well.
They say that your life would have been very different without some people. My life wouldn’t have been without you’ll. Each of you add such an essential colour to my pallate without which I know my picture would never be perfectly painted. You are all the colours of my life.
I awake each morning because you exist and you alone are what keeps me going through the day, especially on those hard days when I feel like I can barely crawl, you’re my wings. No one can lift me up and make me soar the skies like you do. You are the wind beneath my wings.
Not everyone is fortunate enough to find a family that they haven’t been born into. I know I’ve been tremendously blessed by this universe to have landed you lot.
I am thankful to have you, deeply truly thankful because you are my laughter and you know my tears, you are my love and you know my pain, you are my sanity and you know my chaos, you are my light and you know my darkness. You are the best of me, even while knowing my worst.
This week I have realized that I am afraid no longer to proclaim that we are one, that you are my family, that you are the best part of me. You are real, you are rock solid, you are in it for the long haul.
I love you guys. I always always will my darlings.



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