That wedding day tho

“More on that in another post..”, I had said over five months ago when I told you that my sister was tying the knot.

The truth is, when it comes to certain things what I really mean is, “more on that in another life”.

..because really, how do you begin to describe what you feel when the stem to your leaf is sworn off to another tree?

She walked before you, to pave way for you (alright so this description does make me feel a bit like the  Jesus to her John the Baptist but zats cool :P) in every domain of life, you looked at her and your learnt. You learnt what you wanted and what you didn’t want. You looked at her and saw who you may want to explore becoming and from whom you would run. You looked at her and you saw mistakes worth repeating and ones you would never, ever fall prey to. You looked at her and you saw who you could become, and who you wanted to become, and thus began the journey you call your life.

How do you digest that someone responsible for, okay let us say basically your entire being, is now bidding adieu to begin a life that no longer demarcates a path for you to follow, a life hers and only hers?

It felt overwhelming, to say the least.

However, on our way to the hotel where she was to get married as she made me play songs I won’t even mention here to calm her nerves down I realized one thing, she is never gonna change. Sure, life may take her in ways we can never fathom and mould her insides in ways we don’t see coming, but her soul would always have walked through those twenty six years with me, and I was excited to let that go and watch it become something completely different.

Infact, it was about frikkin time!

I’m ecstatic that she is married today. It means more to me than almost anything in this world because this is the one romcom I have been watching since the time I was eight years old, and I finally feel like I have come to see the happily ever after. That feels good.

My sis and I, we have never taken a single step similarly in this life. I don’t suspect my path would ever wind down the one hers did. Still, when the team you have been rooting for pretty much all your life finally takes its victory bow, you know you can’t help but feel overwhelmingly thankful.

This one is for you, big sis, I hope you get all that you believe you’ve been promised in this life, and then some cause heaven knows you deserve it!

Love you to heaven and back.



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