Happy two years to us!

*Deeply emotional post alert*

Screenshot_2015-04-20-18-37-41-1 (1)

As I sit here to write this my heart knows NO bounds of gratitude that I can express without falling into a complete incoherent clutter of thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou, oh and yea, THANK YOU.

Today marks our second anniversary/birthday/whatever I am supposed to call it and let me just say to you, this day is ALL about you.

We have grown so much in the past two years, I don’t even understand how sometimes because growing with you has been such a breeze.

As I’ve often said in many of my posts I began Quirrk on nothing but a whim, no plans, no ideas, just a place where I could talk, I didn’t even think anyone would listen, I just needed to talk.

All my life I have felt that there are just so many ideas and random thoughts that go across my mind without ever finding it’s way into this world. So when someone once asked me to start a blog I figured, why the hell not?!

..and thus began the best thing that has ever happened to me. You guys.

You have helped me grow as a writer, undoubtedly, but what really matters to me is that you have helped me grow. As a human being, as a person, as myself, and I don’t know how to even begin to thank you for that.

As I’ve sometimes mentioned in my posts, my life in the past two years has been a series of experiments. I wouldn’t say ‘experiments gone wrong’ because I believe that life is nothing but one big trial and error series, unless you find the errors you don’t know what to try next or how to get to where you’re supposed to be. I suppose I could be honest enough to tell you that I have made more errors than I care to admit.

Despite all the erroneous decisions I have made, you’ve stuck by me, listening to my tales of confusion and heartbreak and desperation. You’ve cushioned each blow I’ve been dealt and you’ve placated my sore insides while I sat at the rock bottom looking up, wishing desperately to find a way out.

You’ve somehow been the one thing that I got right, and I don’t know how but I know if there is something called fate, you are mine.

You alone have held me up when everything around me was flailing, you’ve been my girth you have.

You gave me the best gift anyone ever could, you helped me fall in love with myself and you made me believe that I was worth staying in love with.

The past year with you has been tremendous, milestone after milestone, as we moved forward, I realized I could not possibly be more in love with you.

This is a HUGE shoutout to all you’ll phenomenals who’ve been reading Quirrk and the ones who have taken time to tell me that they appreciate my work, thank you. You keep me going in ways I can never thank you enough for. You are my north star and my inspiration.

Thank you once again to each follower and each reader of mine, and thanks to all the wonderful people who have been a part of Quirrk’s two year journey!

Happy Quirrksday to us!

Love loads,



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