Good Faith, 23rd April

This one is for you, C.

Life, like I always say, flows into so many tributaries. You are that one point from where it all emerges and you are the one point it all returns to. In the journey from you to you, you have encountered experiences, tonnes of them, along each fork you had flown into that shapes who you return as. It is important for us to remember that the same applies to every single person, every single day.

Everyone goes through a million and eleven things each day that constitutes how they act, or don’t act, towards you. We often think that our time with them is a one track thing, but it really isn’t.

My friend told me something today that he thought I needed a sound reminder about, “You give yourself too much importance”, he said.

It’s true. When I often look at my relation with other people, I only look at my relation with them. I forget that they are individuals with a life of their own, a hundred thousand experiences of their own, that they have a whole bunch of relations of their own to tend to. I forget, and my perception of them often gets misguided.

This fortnight’s message of Good Faith is to never subvert another person’s life to just your relation with them, or you may wind up with a mangled version of reality. A person is so much more than what you can see of them in a thirty minute conversation. Sometimes I think it may take us thirty lifetimes to get just one person straight.

I think that it is important we realize that how a person acts towards us very often has little to do with just us and more to do with a culmination of occurrences and thoughts that have only to do with them. People sometimes say things that come across as curt, or act in ways that seem confusing. People, as we all know too well, often pull away from us and we are left scratching our heads trying to make sense of the distances.

Let me tell you this moment to let it go (avoid urge to sing that last line). It probably has nothing to do with you. Sure, sometimes that isn’t what you wanna hear, I feel you, but the truth is even they are just one experience in one fork of the so many tributaries your life is flowing in. Let yourself flow, don’t hold back for anyone.

Be kind upon their return, ask their story. You may often realize that it doesn’t hurt as much as you thought it would. Kindness ties knots that no one can ever oversee. Be kind, even when you can’t, be kind.


Have a happy Thursday lovely!


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