When in Labyrinth

Today I want to speak about the gift of normalcy, or much rather the things and people in our life that ground us, that’s got us.

Last month I got caught in the strangest labyrinth and the only person I kept running into was my own reflection.

It was the damnest thing I tell you, I knew that there were people out there for me, but I just kept running around in a mad frenzy trying to locate someone, anyone, and could find no one.

That is the thing I realized about life.

When you can’t find people for long enough, you begin to think that maybe they’ve left. It doesn’t make sense, you all got there together, you know they shouldn’t forget you and leave but it has just been too long that you’ve been trying to locate them, and fear begins to get the better of you.

It’s simple really, it is like those times we got lost in the supermarket as kids (actually this stands true with me even today when I don’t have my phone on me, no judgement please!) and we got separated from our parents. The first few minutes are good, we just stroll around flaunting our new found supermarket independence, but then five minutes down the lane when there is still no sign of them in any of the aisles you’ve been down it begins to get scary, and ten minutes later, its panic, fifteen minutes and you may find a twenty two year old girl bawling her eyes out at Spar hypermarket. I kid you not!

Logic fails and we begin to disintegrate the very foundations of what any relation is and if you are in aisle seven long enough you have basically made up your mind that your parents abandoned you in the supermarket and left to live their lives.

Oh yes my darling, we humans are a foolish, foolish race!

My point (cause I coulda sworn I had one) is that okay ofcourse we need to have a little more faith, especially in those people who we call our rock and cornerstone, but mostly, we need to have a little more faith in ourselves. We need to have a little more belief in the things we ran all around the world proclaiming. Why is it so easy to dissuade us from what we’ve been preaching with just a little silence, with just a little break, just a little translucency?

I had reached breaking point three days ago and told myself that it was okay even if I would have to start from scratch and build my life, and just as I said the words my phone rang, they hadn’t left me in the crazy maze and driven away. They remembered me.

Today was a much more welcoming grenade that shattered my fears and wrapped me yet again in ‘normalcy’. Sigh. I’d missed it.

See! They’re there to catch us!

So next time you feel really alone, remember, the supermarket!

Besides, I’ve got you! :*


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