The view from top

Just a quick update cause I feel you guys need to know this.

Alright, so do you remember the day I was very low on faith and had a mini breakdown? Yeaup, that day.

I said I’d let you know what next and here I am to do just so.

Keep faith you beautiful person, keep faith because you don’t know when your anathema of a streak could turn around. EVEN when you fall fifty times, you could just fly the fifty first.

You could, I did.

Sometimes you DO get what you want, just as is, no twists and complications, plain and simple, your desire is served, sir, and it feels SO bloody GOOD to know that.  I really wanted you to know that as well.

So I’m still playing on team faith, put your faith in this life, every time, just one more time, and you don’t know when things will work out. Even if they haven’t a hundred times before, don’t lose faith.

You’ve heard me rant about how hard it is to not lose faith sometimes, you know I feel you. There are days I’ve stared at my ceiling with tears blaring at the back of my eyes and anger blaring at the very forefront, just WHY, I could never figure. I still don’t know exactly why, but I do know that someday it won’t matter, it’ll all just be a pile of dusty old suitcases you’ve packed away.

I’m still waiting on that someday.

Meanwhile, I could tell you that it’s not all bad out there, that there are good days, that you do sometimes get what you want, that dreams do come true and that you can still have hope and you have to still have faith, cause we need to make it to the other side of today my love, and it never hurts to wait for the sometimes.

IMG_20150501_230806And the gratitude list continues to grow 🙂


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