Did I just hear you say heart break?

You mean to say you feel your heart breaking?


Now that’s a first for certain.

I don’t understand though.

Didn’t you say you would warn me before the whole love shebang?

What? Really?

You don’t need to be in love for your heart to break?


I mean, I’m sorry. That must hurt.

What does it feel like?


That sounds painful.

I always thought that the next time you would come whining to me about your heart being broken, at least there would be a good story.

No of course this story is good,

Oh c’mon you know that is not what I mean!

It’s just I saw it happen with a thunderbolt and a lightning, and you would be zapped together,

And then the lightning would strike again,

Y’know, the same place twice,

And you would fall apart thus,

You had to fall head over heels,

It had to be one for them books, and by books I mean Greek myths,

So I just don’t understand what brings you here,

So, empty, and yet so pained.

So urgent, the wound so fresh, and yet so deeply scarred,

ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT. Stop yelling.

I hear you.

I know it hurts.

Here. Hold on to me.

I promise you it will get better.
I promise.


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