Nothing on Anything

Yesterday I was having a conversation with one of my closest buds when something truly dawned on me.

It was one of those late night that turns into early morn sorta convos, where you discuss everything under the sun and moon from your life as is to old friends to memories to your future hopes and aspirations, the kind of conversations that have you laughing uproariously from minute to minute and then losing your breath again just as you catch it when you realize just how brilliant the person you are speaking to is.

My friend is brilliant. No, I am not being biased he really is. He is the kinda guy who just knows a lot about a lot. He has a lot of interests and fearlessly explores wherever the wind carries him. He is someone with whom you can have an intelligent conversation, the kind of guy who knows current affairs and politics inside out and has a stand on everything he knows, the kind of guy who is well read and can throw in references from authors and economists and renown journalists. He is just plain smart, that kinda guy.

Which really got me to thinking how most people who I know are quite intelligent in their own ways, be it in their field or several others as well, almost everyone I know has a vast amount of knowledge, pure fact based knowledge, on something. They are their own kind of smart, and I think that is sheer awesomeness!

The real reason I am writing this post though is not to tell you that you are your own kind of smart and inspire you. Nop. Don’t get my intentions mixed up now.

The reason I am writing this is to ask you why on earth are you reading this?

I could singlehandedly win an award for the world’s most IGNORANT human being, I am not even exaggerating. I am someone who literally knows NOTHING about ANYTHING. Don’t get me wrong, I do NOT take pride in this, in fact I do think I should do something to change this status quo of mine, but alas! It’s just become something that has made its way into being a part of my definition now and I must say it has grown onto me.

Really though, why are you here reading this? I don’t understand what I have ever done to deserve you.

So this is just a huge shoutout to those of you who have invested three minutes going through this post, and a reminder that you are indeed extraordinarily intelligent, and have something worth saying, and being listened to. C’mon you just read this post of mine, you surely must believe that more rubbish people than you exist?


Love you loads muffin

P.S. thank you for having bestowed upon me such irredeemable love and faith that I don’t even question my ability to be here and tell you this.


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