One, Two, Create.

96786b74c2a8c6cc2b1e389a7c001a07Do this with me.

Close your eyes. Take a deep, deep breath.

Tell yourself this, and believe each word as you say it. You will have everything that you want. Everything.

Silence that little probing that seems to be pointing out what you don’t have, what seems so far out of your reach, what you can never have. SHUSH. You will have EVERYTHING.

I know that doesn’t seem to make sense when you tear open each scab and look at the wounds deeply enmeshed with lack thereof, you need to stop looking at those. Just let the wounds be.

Focus on that place in your mind which is solid strength, push it, keep pushing it and it will burst into the fountain that it is, swim in it, wade in it.

You will have everything you want.

You have everything you want.

What if I told you that this whole world is just perception, it is almost an illusion someone has created and thrust upon you. Break free of this illusion.

You have everything you want, deep within you, it’s all there.

Now create your own world, make your own illusion, that’s all there is.

It’s nothing but a little magic trick.


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