Of Banoffee Cronuts and Bucket Lists


So today I had my long, long awaited union with the magnificence you witness above, the cronut.
That’s one off the 2015 bucket list and psst.. I may be just three days away from striking another one off. Wait for it, this is a big ‘un!
On another note, I met this human being today.


He was happy to see me, I promise this photograph is a good liar, and boy was I ever so happy to see his lovely face!
It’s been a couple weeks of goodbyes and just one last times. I won’t kid you, the emotions have sunk so deep they are a part of every beat of my heart right now.
Love. There’s a lotta love.
Loss. There’s some of that.
Ambiguity. Who even knows what the future holds?
It has been a week of reflections, of the past five years in this magical city, of the little angels I have called friends, and of life, you know, one of those weeks where you find every seventh thought that runs through your mind to be nothing short of ‘wisdom’.
What does one even do with such truck loads of wisdom anyway?
I’d rather take back ignorance and my five gaurdian angels, thank you very much.
Alright I know this is a bit of a ramble, but you can allow me that sometimes right?
I went to this glorious place today.


This, if you are not familiar with ze Bangalore, is St. Mary’s Basilica. It is a pretty big deal but I’ll let you read all about that for yourselves here. Oh yeah so they do have thier own web page and everything, I mean c’mon I told you it was a big deal, right?
Two years ago when I thought I was leaving this city I tried to make a pitstop at this place, but alas between the line at the Subway counter and my flight’s take off there wasn’t much time to spare.
As I stood trying to get a full shot of this towering structure I was once again for the zillionth time this week reminded how life just comes around in circles.
You have experiences, see things, meet people in the funniest ways. If you really think about it you’ll realize nothing is a one off experience and our lives are just series of serendipities one after the other with small gaps to pause and take it all in.
So pause my friend, pause and take it all in.


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