You Matter

It’s sometime during the day, life is going on much as it always does, filled with its everyday bustle and conversations, but you stop for a moment, just a moment and you realize that you are not okay.

You get through the day as you know you have to because you know you have to and you get home. You pause for a moment to take a breather and you realize you are not okay.

You find yourself wondering, what is the point? Are you making any difference? Are you even happy? Isn’t everyone else’s life so much better, fuller? Aren’t others so much happier and deservedly so? Who even cares about you? Are you on anyone’s mind right now or are you just existing, being the insignificant tiny blimp you feel like?

Well, let me tell you, all of us seven billion whatever people have felt/ are feeling this. You, my love, are not alone.

Recently I told a friend that we are all in this together and he posed an interesting question. He asked me, “Well that is alright, we may all be in this together, but what is the point if we are still miserable individually?!”

Now see that is actually a smart question.

When we realize that we are in this together we allow ourselves the grace from the burden of feeling that we are the only ones who have no wondrous life going on, alright step one there.

Step two, we realize that if other people are also unhappy in much the same ways that we are, if they can relate to our pain, then we must indeed be able to relate to their joy on some level.

Hold on to that thought.

When I say that we are all in this together I don’t mean to be quoting some sort of High School Musical number, so get that picture out of your head. What I do mean is that we are all links in this chain, and our pain and joy is all connected. By saying that you are not alone I mean that I feel your pain so you must be able to feel my joy.

The question that arises here is, how?

Today I want to share with you the easiest method to remind yourself that you indeed are NOT insignificant but quite the opposite.

When you feel this way pick one thought that makes you happy, one thing that is going good in your life, one accomplishment you feel you have made, something you are grateful to be blessed with, a good relation, a talent, a movie that made you happy, anything. It could be something that is happening right now or maybe a memory, something that happened to you years ago.

Now focus every little last bit of your concentration that you possibly can at the moment on that one thought. Allow yourself to feel every bit of joy that it gives you. Understand that that one thing MATTERS. Realize that you have been given that blessing because YOU matter.

Allow yourself the knowledge that this whole universe is connected and if you look closely enough you will see yourself connecting with everyone, you will see your happiness and your sorrows connecting with everyone’s.

Remember that good thing that you thought of? Well, that isn’t a one off thing. This whole world is run on an endless supply of such things, along with a parallel string of pain, but the knowledge, the acceptance that goodness, happiness, peace, exists will instantly open up the links in your chain that allow you to connect to the happiness in mine.

You can draw from me, as you can draw from anyone you choose to, because like I said a hundred and thirty times, we are all in this together.

YOU, my friend, matter. YOU, are significant. YOU, are in me and I am in you.



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