To my baby Faith :)


This baby is over a year old!!!!!
Yes, you may have your moment to laugh at this but I have never had a phone for over nine months in the past ten years so to me this is an ACCOMPLISHMENT!
Y’see I always thought that I was jinxed with phones, but obviously I kept trying to make things work because I needed one.
It’s so much easier to give up on things that you don’t think you ‘need’.
Dreams? Ambitions? Desires?
Didn’t work once, twice or oh c’mon even THRICE? Well then I guess it wasn’t meant to be.
It was.
It IS.
Sometimes it takes twenty phones to get it right (hell yeah! no exagerration baby!) but stick with it and you will get it right.
You have to.
I did.
To Faith, that’s what I’m christening her. 🙂


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