Special Rambles

Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay.

Reasons why my mind has been a bit too occupied, things I realized and why I have been a tardy blogger:

I am idealistic.

I may have headed the first ever event of my life. Yeaup, headed.

I met my ex boyfriend after over seven years.

I may have gotten involved in my first ever online argument with a stranger on a public page.

I haven’t shopped till I dropped, but I will of course try to fit in a little more shopping tomorrow.

I have a TON of college work I haven’t read, I am going to be the class idiot, am I not? Aw shucks!

BSB is still my jam, hands down jam winner of my life.

I may have formed an alarming amount of contacts in the past one month. In over my head? I hope I don’t drown, the point was to stay afloat, kindness keeps the world afloat they said!

My swing, I need to finish working on my swing (Oh you are going to LOVE this one!).

I just wrote an essay for an eight grade class, it felt SO good!

I could possibly be the human with the world’s best support system. Were you looking for her? Look no more, she is me. I am open for interviews.

Hey! It’s Jason Wade’s birthday today! Happy birthday Jason. You know I save your music for special occasions AKA every single day! 😀

I am DANGEROUSLY close to completing my compilation of short stories that I dare to call a book! One more story to go baby!

Meet these amazing people who were more than ready to send me some love when I let them know I was having a bad day, P.S. this is a closed group NOT my facebook status. Are they super cool or WHAT?! Screenshot_2015-07-04-22-45-28Screenshot_2015-07-04-22-45-34Screenshot_2015-07-04-22-45-42

Sharing friends, sharing lives, it is something that has been on my mind. It isn’t as easy as they make it sound.

Do you know that I believe that there are certain songs that speak to us long before we understand how? They almost prophesize, and one day their meaning shall no more be viewed from a glass but face to face (Biblical usages on point or what?!).

I put the first thing on my bucket list of 2016, Delhi! Have a few humans to hug over there.

I’m heading home in two days! (Yes, I am aware of the romanticism that makes me call a place home when I am away from it, I’m just one of those people!)

Alright, this should be it, an absolutely pointless ramble that shouldn’t even be on this blog.

Oh, if you aren’t aware, I do keep a separate space for my rambles.

Alright then, love and love and love your way!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. You are a noble and gifted soul. Always remember that.
    Viva Peace!

    1. soumyaj says:

      Thanks so much love 🙂

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