Nostalgia in a tube of Mosquito Repellent

Unable to ensconce into the perfect slumber in a new environment, I woke up an hour ago to realize that my body was being mutilated by mosquitoes.

I tried to pretend this reality belonged to  another world and shut my eyes a little harder. I tried, I really did, but alas there was no getting out of this battlefield alive, so I had to wake my friend up for a tube of mosquito repellent.

As I began lathering myself from head to toe in this almighty shield, my mind decided to go off on a whole other tangent, it thought of you.

The sweet yet pungent smell transposed me back to your balcony, oh those were happy days! I was instantly thrown into mode reminisce, but not the kinds where you have thought after thought in a linked chain of memories, what came upon me was the kind of nostalgia that hits with one trigger and a hundred memories just crash land together.

It was you and me and all those other people, some old faces and some new over the years, huddled under all sorts of night skies, just being.

I remember the feel of the grass as I ran my fingers through it, pulling out little chunks like I loved doing. I remember laying back and looking at those little trinkets inserted in the dark velvet blanket above me and just knowing that everything really had a connect. I remember sitting on your swing across someone I used to know in another lifetime and thinking of the someone I used to be in another lifetime. I remember being dragged out from our thanksgiving BBQ lunch, little did I know your family would rather break into a little mid day fiesta with song and dance, I’ll never forget that day! I remember raring so many of the darkest hours of the day with a bunch of goons and I remember seeing the first glimpses of day with you, I remember those little stone frogs, the statue of buddha looking so peaceful as only he could amidst our constant banter, I remember the so many garrulous people as we always gathered around that tiny little table, I remember laughter, so much laughter, I remember friendship, I remember love, the kinds of which moved your whole being.

It feels weird to move on. It feels weird that I would have to remember that, that it isn’t something in my everyday life. It feels so weird and it feels sad.

I miss you, I always will, I hope you know that you will always be stored in a tube of odomos for me. image


3 Comments Add yours

  1. asthadugar says:

    I miss ’em beautiful ‘under-the-night-sky’ moments too
    Ahh! Amazing times. Feels like another lifetime altogether 😦

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