A Post Midnight Chat

ef5d72e6a3e4ec1ec90dfa4ac0ee4882I know, it’s been a while.

Just thought I would drop you beautifuls a quick update before I head to crash for the upcoming insane week.

You have seen me at my worst and my best, you know me through and through, so when I tell you that something makes sense to me, you and you alone know how long it has taken for it to finally happen.

As I take a wild gander into the past two years, there have just been too many pitfalls, way, way too many. You’ve been through them with me.

When I kept telling you that it gets better, sometimes it was because I knew it would and sometimes I was just trying to make myself believe it. When I said that everything happens for a reason, I wanted to believe that there was a reason for being aimlessly thwarted around for so long. When I said that I choose to follow my heart and wouldn’t settle for less, I hoped that my heart wasn’t leading me astray. The truth is I didn’t know anything for sure.

Being pulled down so many times should have hurt, maybe some of it did, who knows, I don’t really remember the pain. I chose to forget it.

All I do remember is that it meant I kept trying to stand right back up and keep walking. Somewhere along the road my stagger turned into a strut and not knowing anything turned into a testament of blind faith.

What if I told you that blind faith delivers?

Yeah, I’m saying that.

Breathe in knowing there is magic around, breathe out knowing you’ve sent your own into the world and await it to find it’s abode. Await for your call home, you will hear it.


One Comment Add yours

  1. riselikeair says:

    “My stagger turned into a strut.” I love that. 🙂

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