Closer Home

I have yet again embarked on a journey. To learn. To explore. To discover.
It has been 25 days, and I am learning.
I am learning in ways I never thought I would about things I never thought I would.
When you step away from your own, a lot changes.
Sometimes you wake up and begin to question what you even called your own.
I am on the other end of the spectrum though, as I sit here thinking of what I call my own.
Sometimes I look back and it all seems like a lifetime away, so close yet so far.
Sometimes it just feels like things are dissipating before my eyes in little bursts of gold and silver, poof!
The past, dare I call it that? It’s funny how things slink into that category. I can’t believe that some things, some people, are a part of a whole other tense today.
It feels disorienting realizing you have somehow landed in a whole other life. How did this even happen?
All you can do is take a deep breath and sweat it out one day at a time. It is going to be one helluva ride!
I have discovered old normalcy in a whole new cloak.
As I try ever so hard in menial ways to cling onto the definition of everything I thought I knew and everything that was mine, it begins to slip away from the palm of my hand. It doesn’t hurt, but I know it is slipping away.
There are things and people becoming a part of what you now choose to call your life though, and you are not sure how to allow them to fit in, or to become a part of your heart. Maybe they’ll never really get there, maybe they already were, even before you knew them.
Only time will tell.
Time, that strange little bugger!



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