Grat List 6th October

My 57 reasons to smile:
1. Almost Famous
2. Not everyone gets that
3. Not everyone gets it back
4. Not everyone gets to keep it
5. They are fierce
6. They are strong, even when I can’t be
7. They are.. Just there, like you know when you tell someone thanks for showing up? They always show up.
8. And with a pocket full of sunshine
9. Even from across seas
10. They will turn up at your sisters bridal shower and give you a heart attack
11. They will stab people with forks who you aren’t happy to be around
12. They will call Canada ten times because you feel psychotic im between the night and need answers
13. They will miss your sisters wedding, but they’ll be there at the reception cheering you on loud enough before your speech for you to know the only people who matter, don’t care how crappy it is gonna be.
14. They will turn up at your doorstep with a toy duck because you didn’t wanna attend college but wanted duck one day
15. They will buy you the dress you looked at longingly but couldn’t afford
16. They will hunt the whole city to get you belgian chocolates before you leave the country the next morning
17. They will remind you that the little things matter
18. They will be all those little things for you
19. They will be all the bigger things as well
20. Who am I kidding? They will always be everything.
21. They will smile at you over coffee in the morning even after you slapped them the previous night
22. They will hold hands and stand in a circle because it means something to you that you can’t explain
23. Even if it is blocking an entire block in the university from climbing the stairs
24. They will stand around a tree and sing with you because you just can
25. They will dance on table tops with you, because you actually can’t
26. They will bleed cause of you, but still love you anyway
27. They will spend an entire night on a staircase with you cause your ego doesn’t allow you to enter someones place
28. They will buy you graphic novels when you don’t land your dream fellowship
29. They will let you bleed, and painlessly fix you back when it happens again
30. They will let you be, even when you can’t find where you belong.
31. They will watch you go to different cities trying to find a home, all along ready to be your drop back to the only real home you have
32. They will accept your apology, even if it is four years too late
33. They will hear you bad mouth them but spend an entire night playing games with you like nothing happened, like they didn’t just break inside a hundred times
34. They will roll up their sleeves and speak to your stalker, even if they seem more adorable than angry, they try.
35. They will hear the worst ways you judge yourself, and NEVER allow it to become thier definition of you
36. They will still say you are a superwoman
37. They will write you letters, and notes and eulogies
38. They have a Soumya drawer, and box, and let us be honest, room!
39. They will make sure to fullfill each checkpoint on your birthday wish list
40. I didn’t see a shooting star that night you know, but I think there was nothing else I could have wished for anyway
41. They will come to your place at 6 am to chase away a lizard
42. They will hold back five animals cause you need to climb the stairs, every single time.
43. They will tell you how to get to any place in the city, at any time, with any amount of money. Who needs google maps when you have them?
44. They will sit beside you and be your strength when you get your first tattoo and hold your hand when you shave your head. They won’t question.
45. They will listen to your crazy ideas and pretend there was never greater sense spoken in the universe
46. They will write down an entire prayer in a language you made up when you were twelve and had one fourth a brain
47. They will bring over food for a battalion when you are broke and hungry, cause what else are grandparents birthdays about if not left over food?
48. They will reason with your every irrational fear, and silence it.
49. They will let you sleep through days you don’t wanna see, and they will let you sleep next to them on thier tiny beds cause you don’t wanna be alone
50. They will not say a word out loud when you want a quiet birthday and bring the world at your feet when you want to celebrate
51. They will hate viciously for you, and love effortlessly for you
52. They will listen to hours of voice notes when you need to talk
53. They will think of you while shopping, in any part of the world!
54. They will teach you things you didn’t know, even when ignorance can be bliss
55. They will always be there at the drop of a hat when you need them
56. They will make you paintings and send you flowers
57. They will love you. No matter what.



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