I Have Cancer; It Doesn’t Have Me

This is Kristy, one of my favorite bloggers in the world, and I just read that she is battling a horrible illness.

This is for a woman who has carried me through some of the most dark days in my life with her beautiful words.

This is a woman I have never met, who I don’t speak to much, but someone I know is doing everything in her power to make this world a better place for all of us.

This is a beautiful woman, and someone I know will brave through this. If you are here, reading this, pause for a moment and send your most powerful vibrations of strength and love to Kristi.

That's Another Story

Brave Quote In White Letters On A Black Background Photo Credit: http://www.prettydesigns.com

So much for a dramatic build up and a big reveal, as the title gives away the secret I have been harboring.  Recently, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and gained admittance to a club that I never wanted to be a part of, and my question as to which has been the worst year of my life, 2011 or 2015, has finally been answered, with 2015 being the clear winner.  Now, that 2015 has claimed this auspicious title, I really hope that it rests on its laurels for the remaining two months.

Revealing my secret is a decision that I remain unsure of, even as I do it.  Part of me does not want this news to go beyond my immediate family and close friends, and part of me hopes that the truth will lighten the heavy emotional load that comes with this news.  I am quite adept…

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, but more than that, thank you for your own beautiful words. You truly touched my heart!

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