What happened when I gave 40 teenagers a dollar and told them to make a difference?

What a big difference we can make with even just a little!

Carrie Wisehart

         Challenge accepted.

My friend Sue gave me 40-one dollar bills for my birthday. And then she told me to think of a creative way to spend it.

Not only does she know my heart, she knows I love a good challenge. And immediately my mind was cranking out crazy ideas.

After thumbing through the bills and wracking my brain, I landed on a fantastic idea.

dollar 2 Print this handout below!

I was going to challenge my students to make a #dollardifference.

I would give away my one dollar bills – each one to a different student – and give them 24 hours to make a difference with that dollar.

Then I went a step beyond – and asked the other 120 students I have to contribute their own dollar and do the same: make a #dollardifference.

Not that I doubted their abilities or their drive, but what happened next went beyond…

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      Thank YOU for the amazing post!!

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