Because 2015.

Because dreams come true.

Because life is not always ideal, but that’s life.

Because all you ever have to work with is the present moment.

Because PAUSE.

Because LISTEN.

Because love.

Because break.

Because love some more.

And then some.

Because your soul is scattered in more places than you would believe.

Because as we traverse these years, we will find ourselves in places, and in people.

Because irreplaceable means irreplaceable. And I don’t know how to let it mean anything else.

Because giant wheels and shooting stars.

Because flea markets, because the gift of giving.

Because letters.




Because Fight Song.

Because See You Again.

Because Lean on.

Because Dance Basanthi.

Because Beer Club.

Because Kindness Demons.

Because Farhan.

Because we are human, and beautifully so.

Because understand we are human, and it’s more than okay to mess up. Fifty-eight times even.

Because forgive, set yourself free.

Because Ed Sheeran.

Because AT2UI.

Because Kundgol.

Because Hubli.

Because Dubai.

Because new family.

Because Journalism.

Because Rachel.

Because photographs.

Because Methiyadis.

Because Naruto.

Because Dance for Kindness.

Because Life Vests.

Because LVIKA.

Because hair. No hair. Hair.

Because the world’s coolest hoodie.

Because fearlessness.

Because believing. Just believing.

Because pick your battles, and bring the world down for the ones you pick.

Because bring the world down for the ones you pick.

Because thirdwheelin’ like a boss.

Because BE love.

Because gratitude.

Because tying loose ends.

Because writing. Lots of writing.

Because Dreamweavers.

Because Faith.

Because Nandi.

Because Annekal.

Because Unikey. My love.

Because Cronuts.

Because Moussaka, because gnocchi.

Because Sante.

Because April Showers.

Because crazy wedding week.

Because it is only one in so, so many goodbyes that are hard, but they happen.

Because Seeker’s. Because Moscow.

Because Kumbalgodu.

Because secrets.

Because love, and lust, and love.

Because no regrets.

Because most nights, there is only room for one person’s problems, decide wisely.

Because sometimes, against all odds, you get a reply, and it shapes your year.

Because lots of new faces.

Because quotes.

Because life comes around in a full circle.

Because sun sets.

Because horizons.

Because healing.

Because sometimes, you just deserve a God damned good year.

Because 2015, I’ve loved you through and through.



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