To those people. Ka-ching.


I remember thinking to myself one day three years ago that “This is it, these people are as good as it gets.”

As we cruise through life like we do, there will always be that one set of people, or maybe that one person whom we meet who will undoubtedly make us question what we even called friendship or love up until that point.

When I was a little shy of 18 I met six extremely special human beings.

We instantly clicked, like a brand new lock and key, you could just hear the cheery ka-ching each time we spoke to each other.

And there it was again, with each joke that could only be held within the space of two people wanting to come together over morning coffee (oh them cardees and double sunrises!) to laugh.

And there it was again, with those tireless 10 km walks in the scorching sun that bore into our souls and got us to weave magical threads of trust as we opened up, one painful memory at a time, about our deepest scars.

And there it was again, cooped up with each other on a single bed in a very tiny room, because somewhere along the way all kinds of security meant having that one friend next to you, it just felt safer.

And there it was again, standing on a pathway by a busy road and drawing sketches of things that made little to no sense, but in that moment, with that one person life unraveled (and birds crapped on your head but ah well!) in a way that you couldn’t question.

Ka-ching. Ka-ching. Ka-ching. Ka-ching.

There are only so many times that you can hear that sound before you realize that it is the chime of your life falling into place, beside the right people.

And thus I gave thanks to everything that mankind can give thanks to for helping me find mine, and so early on in life at that. I often found myself wondering, does everyone get this? Does everyone meet people who they can say without a shadow of a doubt were created to be a part of their lives? Does everyone at some point discover that their soul is hidden in more than just their being? Or was I just one of the lucky few?

And then something happened that I will never forget.

Years went on and I watched as my gratitude fell apart into nostalgia, and then slithered into bitterness. I wondered then, why does time, distance and the lack of enough immediate space to work within change things? Why is it that one day you can wake up and realize that your soul has been handed back to you, to be entirely yours? Why is it that alongside time, people can move as well? And sometimes they can move very far away from you.

My long drawn out spiral of endless thoughts would always halt on the same note, if they are really your people, things will fall into place again, someday. Till then, suck up the pain, slap on some love and go rare the day.

It never struck me though, that maybe along with time, it is not just our bodies and minds, not just our friendships and relations, but it is also our soul that ages.

Until one day I walked into an ugly room with faded blue walls and five beds assuming positions more random than life itself and turned around to see a tall, slim young woman at the door smiling at me.

“Hello!” she beamed. Ka-ching.

A few months later, as I lay my body flat on the cold, unevenly cemented ground of a terrace with another woman and stared into the ebony black night sky that had just a tinge of violet where glistening starry trinkets were inserted into it, alongside the booming sound of Guetta that we were hoping was audible to only us, I felt it again, the rush of new love and the calm of familiarity. Ka-ching.

A few months later, as a young woman who had just shook the city with kindness let go of the mic in her hand and collapsed into my arms with all the might left in her worn out, sick body, I knew it was there again. Ka-ching.

A month ago, after sleepless nights of ME TOO’S, mutually accepted life-long-love for pizzas and complete shameless acceptance of ultimate creepdom, I heard it yet again. Ka-ching.

So as I sit here writing this, I think to myself that this is never it, there is no limit to the number of people who you could and should find your soul in. As our soul ages it sometimes fits a little less with its once counterparts. That’s okay because that only means that it is once again that exciting time to tread forward and bask in the realm of possibilities ahead.

Our souls will always find other souls that mirror it, even in the most unlikely places. We are made of powerful magnetism that draws us to the sound of that ka-ching. Even when the lock is old and musty, the right key will always make the same sound, so believe in it.

For my young friend questioning his people, May you always find your own, wherever, however.


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