Postcards from Poverty

Epiphany in the Cacophony


Hello. My name is Kishan. I live in Rajendra Prasad Chawl, Dharavi. If you need to reach me, just ask where Kishan lives. You don’t need a house number. Everyone knows me.

I work as a watchman at Ashish sir’s house. “Just call me Ashish” he says. But I call him Sir anyway. Apparently he’s a big photographer. Strange how you can get rich doing anything these days. He just walks around all day clicking a button, and he sleeps in a bed the size of my house. But Im not complaining. I get paid to sit in the shade with a newspaper.
A few weeks back, Ashish Sir asked me if I could take him around Dharavi to take photographs. I was confused. I thought these big photographers only took pictures of film stars, sunsets and mountains. “You wont find anything there, Sir”, I said. But he insisted.


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