Story 6


When a broken hearted man walks into a room filled with people he expects that those around will see, understand and respect that his heart has just been ripped off from his body and he is now bleeding his love away.

This, however, is most often not the case.

Those around Zeeshan were as blind as a bat to his misery. And the incongruences of his internal maelstrom to the fiesta being popped and sparkled all around him drove him to a corner where he could find a spot to sit and breathe his pain.

Just as he was about to grab a chair he felt an arm hook itself into his and drag him to the centre of where the action was taking place.

“What do you think you are doing, Angel?!” he said, with no hint of his foul mood being lost in his tone.

“What do you think YOU are doing?” came her voice in reply, “Are you trying to ignore the rest of us and pretend to be in a spiteful mood to get some attention now?”

“I AM in a spiteful mood!” he yelled, causing her to back away, just a bit.

The bit was enough though, for Angel to see that her best bud wasn’t the most groomed gentleman at the party. Her glance swept across his unkempt hair to his puffy eyes and wrinkled shirt and finally landed on his unmatched pair of shoes.

“Really Zee? You couldn’t even match your shoes?” she breathed in a sigh of disappointment.

“Who cares?” he said, not even looking down at his feet for a moment, “Who is looking at me anyway?”

“Well I am, and I sure as hell don’t want to be stepped on by two different types of shoes while dancing with you and endure two very distinct kinds of pains!” she said with a little smirk.

He looked up at her with the most solemn look in his eyes and said, “I won’t be dancing. Not tonight Ange, maybe not ever.”

She widened her eyes a little bit and then a lot, moved her head back and smiled “Don’t bet on that.”

Saying which, she pulled him to the dance floor while the speakers blasted ‘I Hope You Dance’. Zeeshan had little choice but to follow her lead.

The pair were not the kinds who could ever dance in silence “Well love HAS just left me empty handed” Zeeshan yelled at the speakers as the fourth line of the song chimed through the dance floor.

“It isn’t all over Zee” said Angel looking up at him, and sang in her mellifluous voice “Promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance, and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance, I hope you dance.”

He couldn’t help but be moved by the sincere love in her words. It didn’t hurt that she was probably the best singer he knew either. He smiled.

“Woah hold on there buddy, don’t you begin to smile now, it doesn’t go with the most spiteful man in the room look you were aiming at today,” she said throwing him a quick little wink.

They held on to each other and let the song speak for the next few minutes. As a faster number began to play, Angel hooked her arm into Zeeshan’s and they paced their way away from the dance floor and walked towards the French windows, left open allowing the night to sweep its way in.

“Ange, do you think there is ever going to be someone else?” he asked, and she instantly knew just how he felt.

“Of course, you silly boy! It won’t be the same though, I won’t lie, it won’t ever be the same.”

“I know. I wouldn’t believe you if you said that it would!” he guffawed.

“You know, nothing anyone ever says to you when your heart has been broken will be of much use Zee, because love is two souls enmeshing in a way that is unique to only them. Sure, sometimes we look at many love stories and think they appear similar but when you look closer you will be blown away by how singular and unique each one is. I would never be able to decipher what happened between you and her, no one would, and so I won’t try to give you answers like a false prophet. I just need you to know that we will get you through this.”

He inched closer to her and rested his arm on her shoulder.

“I’m glad you said that. Sometimes it gets so overwhelming with the amount of advice thrown at a broken heart, all I can do right now is bleed, and maybe I need to bleed all my love for her away to make room for more love and I just want people to stop trying to bandage my wound.”

“You won’t love again Zee, not if you expect that it will feel the same. Because although we call it love, each time we fall for someone there should be a new word for it. It will be entirely different. So there will be someone else, that’s all I’ll say.”

“So how did you get to be so wise? The last time I checked you were bawling your eyes out for some dork who wouldn’t reply to your texts like a decent human!” he said, throwing her a quizzical look accompanied by one of his signature smiles.

She shoved him and replied, “Hey! If it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t be getting to interact with this end of my wisdom.”

He laughed and threw his arm around her, squeezing her and ruffling her hair.

“Well thanks to him then! So should we head back out on to the dance floor and seize back our spotlight or what?”

“Well, with your feet in different shoes, I don’t think the spot light ever left you from the moment you stepped in!” she said, as they headed back to dance the heartbreak of the night away.

To Julia Quinn, no one paints a character like you do.


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