Our first retreat :)

When this amazing organization had it’s first Global meet!
Humbled to be connected with such beautiful souls! 🙂

the goodwill tribe

I (Chandni) just had goosebumps as I finished looking through my notes from our first retreat. The Goodwill Tribe has local chapters in six cities and for the first time ever, tribe leaders from three cities came together to share joy, stories, reflections and intentions in a retreat in Bangalore in June 2016.

The first thing we did is we danced. Shook everything away, jumped around like the crazies that we are and laughed together! We then sat down in a circle in silence for a minute (Yes we go from one extreme to another ;)) to center ourselves and bring peace into our minds and hearts. It’s always a magical moment when you open your eyes after sharing silence, it feels like you are seeing everyone and everything around you for the first time, with presence and with peace. We then hugged each other, looked into each others eyes and said…

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  1. Adarsh Srivastava says:

    Excellent Narration!

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