2 Years & Blurry Spaces

It seemed like everything could be alright, like everything was alright.
Beautiful things don’t ask for attention, they just exist. While awaiting my cab post a 1 am show, I realized that my life was something like this.
Make a wish. On a fallen eyelash, on a shooting star, on a floating lantern. It may not come true, but for a moment when you believe that it could, it feels good. New Year’s Eve 2016.
What if we could exist, separate from our insecurities and jealousies, from our desires and our failures, from our worries and our guilt? We’d find that we were infinite, as the universe, as the sky.
I lost my way to breakfast at a Big fat Gujju wedding. I was pretending like I knew what I was doing when I took out my phone and clicked this. Fish-eyed views though.
Always keep the elements close. My favorite are the blues and the greens. A calm too many has been delivered by this sky view. — #244 Sri Ganga
“You must find peace by the time you reach the gate,” I said to myself as I inched forward very slowly in a saree that was threatening to drop off at any moment. Sometimes peace isn’t eternal, we just need it for a night.
Something in me winced as we walked away. I knew that it would be the last time we would cross paths, so I turned around and clicked this door. It’s shut, remember that.
My aunt asked us to paint alternate walls in lighter and darker shades of pink. I often wonder if that was what made this the only place I could ever really find healing. — House #4, Central Avenue
I never thought I’d like you, always so proud and boastful. It wasn’t until we met that I realized just why. — Dubai, 2015
Just seemed like a place where inconsequential conversations would take place, and people would realize somehow that it shaped them. You and me, still lakes, long walks and a lot of love.
A Christmas Carol.
I don’t think travel changes you, I think it’s people. — Homebound, Hubli-Bengaluru 2015
Sometimes you see that the pieces of your heart have moved ahead of you. I like to think that they pave the way.
Jazz, wine, pizza, dancing, and 45 minutes of reading through our memories. I’ll never forget this night.
This wasn’t a room, it was a┬álifetime waiting to happen. — Kundgol, 2015
I wish we never lose this. Friendship, good food and drink, music, and a deep conviction of our beauty.
Where we began a dream.
That arrangement was beautiful, but it lasted us all of three minutes before a slight wind knocked it down. That kept happening throughout the evening, but we kept placing it back exactly the same.
If only I realized that I needed nothing more than myself, if only I could hold on to that forever. Hullo 2016.
20170413_014813_HDR_Film4 (1)
Your art matters.
This is what home looks like to me. This is what it will always look like. A plush couch, carpet and the scent of family.
House – Home – Memory.
Charlie’s butt. It’s the cutest in the world.
There is magic in movement. You may not capture it because magic moves, and it will move you with it.
A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

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