How it all started!

I don’t know what it was for you. Maybe it was the first time someone really listened to you, or the first person who believed in your dreams. It may have been a gift that you didn’t think you deserved or the one place where you found acceptance instead of judgement. It may have been your lover, or a friend, or maybe a complete stranger, but it has happened to you. And it has stuck.
That’s the thing about goodness and human connection, it sticks. In ways that you can’t forget, in ways that seeps in, in ways that transform parts of you, in ways that sometimes save you.
Two women believe in this SO much that they’ve dedicated their whole lives to it, and are building a whole tribe around this dream since the past four years. They are called The Goodwill Tribe and are now on a mission to transfuse this magic into every person on the planet. They need a little help and YOU can make a difference.
You can contribute to their campaign or spread the word about it and join their dream of creating a #billionsmilecompany.
You know the world needs more of that. You know it. 🙂 ✨
Click HERE to join this dream of an incredible new world!

the goodwill tribe

The Goodwill Tribe started three years ago with a few friends, tons of gifts and a table at the Dubai Flea Market. We had been passionately talking about fun things we could do to break out of the feeling of disconnection that often exists in a big city. We found out about the market and thought why not surprise everyone coming there with a gift. So we raided our homes and not surprisingly found lots of things that could be gifted to other people. We got together a week before and ribboned, wrapped and wrote happy messages to go with the gifts.

The day arrived and we were nervous. We weren’t sure how people would respond to our intention; would they get why we were there or would they see it as some kind of freebie table? People often associate giving to charity and we were wary of that perception…

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